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Originating in South Korea several decades ago, taekwondo has been proven to be an excellent way to enhance childhood development.  Taekwondo emphasizes speed, agility, breathing control relaxation, and concentration which allows for someone of smaller mass to overpower someone who may be larger. Practitioners of taekwondo will learn forms (poomsae) in order to understand blocking technique and develop motor skills.  They will also participate in sparring to adapt combat ability, and will break boards in order to demonstrate power and control.  Salisipan Martial Arts specializes in both modern and traditional practice, thus, students will have the opportunity to train and experience this illustrious martial art in its entirety.


Arnis (also known as Eskrima or Kali) is the national martial art sport of the Philippines.  It emphasizes weapon-based fighting, often using sticks, knives, bladed weapons and other various improvised weapons.  It also includes hand-to-hand combat, grappling and weapon-disarming methods.  If you've seen the Jason Bourne movies, you've seen what this martial art looks like.

Arnis Mark.jpg


Judo is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes the use of quick movement and leverage to thrown an opponent.  Through proper use of technique and timing, students will learn how to apply the least amount of physical strength necessary to thrown an opponent.  


Kickboxing is a well-rounded blend of martial arts, physical fitness, and intense cardio. This course undoubtedly promotes weight loss as well as a healthy lifestyle, and will also train the participant in the art of self-defense.  Kickboxing allows for a restoration of your sense of security, helps to alleviate the anxiety and stress of every day life, and will assist you in achieving your dream body.  Our instructors motivate and encourage you to accomplish these goals and will make you sweat, learn something new, and feel satisfied with every lesson you attend.


Circuit Training

Our instructors have developed their own, original, 12-Round Circuit Training program.  This consists of 12 intense calisthenic, extreme cardio, burst-session kickboxing workouts combined into one class. This class is high-intensity and high-reward, granting every student increased muscle tone, faster weight loss, and a healthier body.  By pushing yourself to complete these extraordinary time trials, repetitions, and personalized training sessions you will leave dripping with sweat and feeling satisfied with what you have accomplished.  Let our instructors push you beyond your limits and unleash the warrior within you.

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